Michael Rosenblum

Cell Phone: (516) 606-7160

E-mail: Rosey7@gmail.com




McDonald’s: Real Breakfast, Regional TV

McDonald’s: Breakfast Stories (2 spots), Regional Radio                                   

Cox Communications, National Radio

Oscar Mayer, National Radio

Dish TV, National Radio and Internet

US Bank,  National Radio and Internet

Dr. Pepper, National Radio and Internet

AMPM, Regional Radio

Samsung, Cable/Internet/All Media

Chevron with Techron, TV Demo         

Proactiv+, National Radio

Dunkin’ Donuts Breakfast Sandwich, National Radio            

Lego, YouTube                                                                                         


Video Game                                                     

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Christophe

Final Fantasy XV, Additional Voices



Depressing Dave (Pilot), Dave

Meat Wallet (Pilot – Fuse TV), Joe

The Frank Dog Show (YouTube), Raoul



Fox Latin America (Promo), Jude Law Voice Match

Investigation Discovery (Promo)

Loan Survivor, ADR/Voice Dub

Nickelodeon Game Show Pilot, Live Announcer

Amare Stoudemire Documentary (VO – Epix), Sports Announcer




Samsung Silicon Valley Campus Industrial

Explanation Videos in-house Male Voice – Over 50 videos             




Popesical, Hu-Jin Chao, dir. Tricia Brouk
The Boys are Coming Home (World Premiere), John, dir. Gary Griffin
Boomermania, Man 2, dir. Debbie Kasper
The Teapot Scandals (World Premiere), Harry Daugherty, dir. Steve Scott
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Thomas/et al., dir. Jeremy Dobrish
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Guildenstern, dir. Jon Kodera
The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, Jess, dir. Ross Knorr
The Time of Your Life, Nick , dir. Bud Beyer
Urinetown, Officer Lockstock, dir. Sean Bradford
The Last Five Years, Jamie, dir. Keith Harrison



B.S. Northwestern University Department of Theatre with certificate in Musical Theatre, 2006

Bob Bergen’s Cartoon Voice Over Workshop, 2011

Carroll Day Kimble Commercial Voice Over Workshop, 2012

Elaine Craig Commercial Workshop, 2015

Voicecaster Commercial Workshop, 2016